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120/240V 2-Wire Heat Only Line Voltage Vertical Mount
120/240 4-Wire Single Or Double Pole Heat Only Line
120/240V Single Pole Line Voltage Cooling Only
24V/Millivolt Dual Powered Digital Programmable / Non
24V/Millivolt Battery Powered Two Wire Digital Heat
24V/Millivolt Battery Powered Digital Heat Only Vert
24V/Millivolt Single Stage Digital Non-Programmable
24V/Millivolt Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat 1H
24V Multi-Position (Vertical Or Horizontal Mount)
24V 2-Wire Heat Only Round Mechanical Thermostat Wi
24V 2-Wire Single Stage Heat/Cool Round Mechanical
24V/Millivolt 2-Wire Snap Acting Heat Only Thermost
24V/Millivolt Single Stage Heating And Cooling Snap
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